broooooo .. >_< erm hii heehee. heeuehe haiii :P YO FUCK OSU IM SICK OF THIS FUCKING GAME IM SO MAD

Welcome to my wubsite!


Hiiiiiiii, most of u all know me as mari aka balls deep aka faggot with a drug habbit aka demon sucker 3000 280p. Yeah thast right, i have a website now and its fucking AWESOME. Still a wip OBIVOIUSLY DUHHHH (flicks ur forehad .

Soooooooooooo uhm BLACK LIST IS: vann/via/vanja, adrean, serena andddddddd uhmm if you dated me and stalk me yeah ermmm WHITE LIST IS HEADSPA AND BESTIES BEST BETSETS FOREVR FRIENDS YAYAYAHAHHHHH GRHAG>

If you're feeling up for BLACK MEN IN YOUR AREA click here Also i havea sick obsession with my boyfriend i love him so mujch and you guys should support him!!! (i have no idea what hes doing but support it pelase)